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After diverse collaborations around events, webinars and services, a trusty relationship was built between Ayming, European consulting leader in company performance improvement, and Expernova.

In this perspective and with the shared desire of working together, we signed an official partnership with Ayming on the 10th of January.

Expernova is now integrated into the Ayming offer. An opportunity for this innovation consulting leader to diversify and digitize its offer and, for Expernova to benefit from Ayming’s experience.

The result: a complete offer to accompany the client throughout their process of innovation.


Complementary partners


This partnership is also a chance for Expernova to promote its platform to a wider audience (SME) and to collect feedback to identify new axes of development.


For Ayming, it is a question of diversifying its offer by proposing the Expernova platform to their clients and prospects as a new digital tool to answer major strategic innovation issues: technological and competitive Intelligence, technical problem solving, expertise identification (industrial and\or academic), access to scientific literature …


Expernova is delighted by this partnership which brings a synergy in the management of innovation processes.

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