A brand new search interface

When it comes to search, users can have different expectations for how the search will work and how it should be designed to simplify their searches.   Since the beginning of this year we‘ve collected your feedback and ben working…

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A wider range of filter options

Based on your feedback we developed new filter options allowing you be more precise in your searches and save time. Those changes are directly available from the search result interface under the option MORE of the experts (people) and organizations…

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Une nouvelle interface de recherche

Lorsqu’il s’agit d’interface de recherche, les utilisateurs peuvent avoir des attentes différentes quant à la façon dont elle devrait être conçue pour simplifier leurs recherches. Afin de toujours mieux vous satisfaire, nous avons recueilli et compilé vos retours pour améliorer l’interface…

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Expernova also analyzes clinical trials

A unique value.   Expernova is the only solution generating innovation profiles of companies, universities and experts by analyzing patents, conferences, publications and now clinical trials.   A genuine advantage for actors in the (Bio)Pharma, Food and Costmetic industries, who…

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