Big Data and scientific innovation

Since the emergence of the internet, the volume of data continues to experience a steep increase.   This deluge of information is not about to stop. In the edition of EMC Digital Universe 2014 report, the technology analyst IDC predicts…

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Monitoring Innovation Ecosystems @MIT

Collaboration across key innovation stakeholders is crucial for collective impact and acceleration at the ecosystem level. Integrating efficient innovation ecosystems for multinational companies is critical to accelerate growth and reduce time-to-market. That’s why governments and policies are geared towards the…

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How to Easily Access to Expertise?

The Pathway to Expertise     Confront a fast, complex and networked world   Companies have to face new realities to find the appropriate information. In this new context searching for expertise isn’t an easy task and keeping informed of…

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How a Cluster can use Expernova?

  Marina Laurens, R&D Project Manager within the « PASS » Cluster (specialized in Perfumes, Aromas, Scents and Flavors), testifies about her use of Expernova       “ TESTIMONY In the context of the organization of international conferences and the establishment…

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