How to start Innovation?

Find your way through the maze!     “People start innovation from different sides. In the end they all do the same activities but they just have to do them in different order. That’s why I created the book innovation…

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How to select your future R&D Partner?

Key tips & Best Practices for Open Innovation   The selection of a future R&D partner, or the creation of a consortium involving several stakeholders in a collaborative project, is a crucial phase. Structuring and rationalizing such an approach to…

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The Latest Trends in R&D Spending

According to the recent study « Global Innovation 1000 – Innovation’s New World order » led by three top PwC consultants, 2015 marked a turn in the R&D spending destination new world order. With more than 94% of the biggest innovative companies…

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Managing a Dispersed Network

Many companies would like to lead R&D programs abroad. However, not all of them jump into the adventure without having a global R&D model which has become a standard requirement to remain competitive in the market. Establishing a clear strategy…

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