Expernova also analyzes clinical trials

A unique value.


Expernova is the only solution generating innovation profiles of companies, universities and experts by analyzing patents, conferences, publications and now clinical trials.


A genuine advantage for actors in the (Bio)Pharma, Food and Costmetic industries, who can now cross-reference clinical trial information with patents, collaborative projects and scientific documents to detect who the new experts (KOLs) are, all in one unique and easy-to-use dashboard.


What is a clinical trial?


Clinical trials involve industrial organizations, public institutions, companies in clinical researches wishing to lead a scientific study, realized in human medical therapeutics, to estimate the efficiency and the tolerance of a diagnostic method or a treatment. They are experiments or observations done in clinical research.

The results of these studies are published in medical reviews and are presented during congress. Even if 1/3 of them would not be reported to it, the recordings protocols tend to be more mandatory.


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Benefit from company profiles with a level of information and an ear closer to the market. Refine your evalutation of an actor’s expertise thanks to richer, more detailed profiles and enrich without additional efforts your state of the art analysis.


From now, all the Expernova users can access a new category of document: clinical trials.

These serve to complete expert or organization expertise profiles and offer additional evaluation criteria when conducting state of the art analysis.


Clinical trials contain the meta-data related to the clinical trial. They include the following:

title ; start and end date of the clinical trial;status (open or closed studies); results; abstract; description;study design;conditions; interventions;link to the publication; source;authors;affiliations…


Expernova also populate automatic suggestions of similar publications to your searches. This allows you to save time when searching and navigating. You can find these on each clinical trial document.




  • With Expernova, complete expert and organization profiles to more easily evaluate their expertise on a subject.


Detect key opinion leaders.


Accessible from every expert or organization profile, clinical trials complete their expertise. They bring additional criteria to estimate the experience and the expertise of an actor in context (in relation to a particular topic) or concerning its global expertise (in relation to his whole career).

This document is added to all the profile elements allowing an accurate estimation of the expertise of an actor: scientific works, patents, projects, collaborative networks, experience, fields of expertise and automatic contextual analyses helping understand why an actor is an expert on a topic.



Cross the expertise on your research areas.


Clinical trials also appear on connection profiles allowing you to compare the common expertise between 2 experts or 2 organizations. This allows you to base your decision on a more precise analysis and select the most relevant actors matching with your needs.


  • With Expernova complete your state of the art analysis


Clinical trials also appear in a dedicated widgets when launching state of art analysis around a topic (through the overview and organization mode). This allows you to quickly identify the number and the most relevant clinical trials on the subject and then zoom in on the most interesting documents.




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