Connect Expernova to your CRM to be armed with relevant insights on your customers, prospects and partners.

Discover how to easily qualify the expertise of the players in your clients, prospects and partners data bases by integrating Expernova into your CRM solution!


Despite continuous efforts, there is a high chance that your business still lacks client’s data! Customer databases are the raw material of the customer relationship and marketing: they allow to target and personalized your communication.


Expernova offers you new possibilities to « cleanly » feed your customer, prospect and partner files, by connecting Expernova with your CRM. With this, you integrate qualified and targeted data and enrich your contacts!


Easily qualify the expertise of the players in your client, prospect and prospect portfolios by integrating Expernova into your CRM solution!


  1. Rich and precise Innovation profiles of experts and organizations to complete your databases and better understand your prospects and customers:


By tracking and analyzing global innovation work such as scientific publications, patents, conferences, clinical trials, projects and millions of targeted web pages, Expernova generates innovation profiles of experts, companies, laboratories and universities, revealing their expertise, their experience, their networks, their scientific works and contact information.

The platform offers you new perspectives in terms of marketing segmentation:


  • - The ability to target contacts on specific topics and specific geographic areas.
  • - The ability to target contacts based on their participation in collaborative projects, depending on their type of scientific works or their experience etc.


  1. Create targeted expert and organizational listings from Expernova


By analyzing the innovation activity of worldwide players, Expernova allows you to obtain a global vision of the expertise on your specific topics and to easily identify the key players. Expernova’s results interface provides its users with listings of experts, companies, universities, laboratories ranked in order of relevance and allows the user to refine the search with specific filters (geographies, scientific fields, types of actors etc.)


  1. How does it work?


Whether you use a flagship CRM (SUGAR, Salesforce …) or your own in-house tool, the Expernova API and the ability to create ad-hoc connectors allows you to integrate Expernova easily into your existing processes!


Some examples:

- From the Expernova platform:


Easily export the most important data into your CRM with a button available in the Expernova platform. You will be able to complete accounts or create new ones.


- From your CRM:


From one of your customer or prospect accounts in your CRM, search in Expernova for key information to add to this profile with a button (or tab) available in your tool.


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