Create custom-made presets!

Your subscription to Expernova includes a preset customization service to meet the nature of your research.


What is a preset?


A preset, a search module, or predefined search parameter under Expernova, is a set of prerecorded and automatically applicable settings in your searches.

By applying parametrized filters matching your search uses (filter by type of actor, name of actor, geographical zones, sizes, relevance…), the preset allows you to save time and only focus on the search results.

You can personalize your preset name according its use (ie: Technology Scouting)…For every use, a specific preset can be created.

A first list of presets are proposed by Expernova platform. You can find them on your welcome dashboard:


Default presets:




Overview: launches a state of the art analysis of the global expertise on your specific research topic.

Expert Directory: allows you to target experts via their name

Organization Directory: allows you to target organizations via their name

Organization focus: allows you to verify the expertise of one, or several organizations on a specific research topic.


Create your own custom-made preset for free!


What are you looking for on the Expernova platform?


Today, the Expernova team propose to work closely with you on your specific needs and create your own customized presets.


Find what you are looking for faster!


Our product consultants are here to help you to refine your searches and create search modules matching your needs and those of your team.


Here are some examples of the most requested presets:


module 2


Networks: allows you to access collaborative networks on a specific research topic.

Partner Search: allows you to identify you future partners by selecting the type of actors you are looking for (company; university; R&D center…), the geographic area, and the subject of expertise…

Technology Landscaping: allows you to identify all the patents, scientific documents and projects on a specific research. You can zoom in a specific geographic area and also navigate through experts and organization collaborative networks…

State of the art : allows you to access all the patents, project and scientific documents (journals, conferences, grey literature, clinical trial…) on a specific research topic.


This service is free, so benefit now!

Contact your product consultant to create customized search modules. They will be happy to assist.


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