Expernova a Tool for in-house Training: Save Time and Improve Efficiency!

Capture all the knowledge acquired from networks and expertise on a research subject!

It’s no secret to anyone, finding the right information at the heart of your organisation can often prove to be a real puzzle!

It is a challenge for managers in charge of training new recruits but equally for the new arrivals who have to get up to speed with the projects currently underway.


The time you spent in fruitless searches as well as in the creation of documentation that already exists, generates costs which are often underestimated and lead to organizations missing great opportunities. It therefore seems essential to be able to easily and quickly access all of the expertise gained by the people working on a project or a research area, in order to save time and improve efficiency in the hand over.


The Expernova solution is a unique gateway to networks and expert knowledge for scientific research. Hence, the knowledge is collected, materialized and accessible in one single dashboard. The users are free to search, control access, create bookmarks, comment, develop and share this information with their colleagues.

A solution facilitating the training of new recruits! Save time and improve efficiency!

  • => Access your company’s information and view all the searches previously  carried out:


The solution proposes the “Bookmarks » and “Folders” features to store and organize researches. So in a single click, the newcomers can have a global vision of the existing work. It allows them to be operational, faster. This direct access to the right information allows them to reduce margins of error.

The managers in charge of the training can save time in the transmission of the knowledge. They do not have to compile and update a knowledge set. It becomes crucial especially when the members of a team are located in different places.


  • =>A collaborative platform: develop, comment and share your research!


Newcomers can directly work on the existing research of their peers.

Thanks to ‘permissions’ , the peers can grant an access to the different features according to the user’s rights:  reach the search tool, perform a search, comment on a search result  & share a search result.

The newcomer can do the same with its own researches. The information is secured and shared between administrators.

Discover our Infographic: Expernova, a tool for in-house training


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