Expernova: Arthur D. Little’s “Knowledge Partner”!

The “GPCA Research & Innovation Summit 2016”
The 3rd edition of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Research and Innovation Summit, which took place the 1st – 2nd March in Dubai, was centered around the subject of “Managing R&D during difficult times”. The event brought together more than 200 Senior executives in the petrochemical industry from across the globe.


“Create and maintain global competitiveness!” - the key theme of the event


The various conferences and discussion platforms were centered on the following topics:

  •  – Creating the context: regional and global competitiveness
  •  – Other dimensions of global competitiveness
  •  – How to make R&D, strategy and innovation work together to achieve global competitiveness

The conference gave a unique opportunity for petrochemical and chemical producers to meet leading research scholars, academic scientists and national government representatives to exchange and share experiences and strengthen collaborative relationships.


Expernova:  Arthur D. Little’s “Knowledge Partner” for the event


Michael Kolk, Managing Partner for the Global Consulting Company  Arthur D. Little1, participated in the event, giving two presentations on the topic of “Innovation – a long term perspective”.

The objective: to encourage key players from the Middle East to invest in Research and Innovation (R&I). This presentation provided a general analysis of overall industry trends and what these mean to R&I, and to R&I in the Gulf in particular.

Arthur D. Little used the Expernova Solution to highlight the most dynamic sectors of R&I in the chemical industry, as well as to visualize a section of the Group BASF’s ecosystem in Mobile Battery technology development.

This first one time partnership with Arthur D. Little has allowed Expernova to present some of the capabilities of their solution in the Middle East and to key players in the Petrochemical industry. It had been a source of extra motivation for the team and offers the potential for new opportunities.


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Arthur D. Little1  : is a global consulting firm linking strategy, technology and innovation.

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