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An innovative solution helping leverage careers!


« Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University », international business school recognized for its excellence and innovation in management studies, has chosen Expernova to accompany the manager of tomorrow.

More than 350 of their students enrolled in their MBA and Executive MBA programs, along with 150 of their faculty researchers have from now an exclusive access to the Expernova solution to accompany them in the investigation of new strategies of management.

The Expernova platform helps them to investigate into new management strategies; it encourages them also to adopt new processes according to their research activities and Open Innovation projects


The objective: Nurturing these future managers to adopt new instincts bound to Open Innovation initiatives.


Managers have to react and make fast decisions in the face of a more connected world, the proliferation of various information sources, the emergence of dynamic new countries and operators, the interconnection of many different scientific fields and the shortening of product life cycles.

Being able to adapt skills to this new environment is fundamental when taking the best decisions for a company.

Expernova: an innovative solution supporting career development





Our attention was drawn to the platform because of the advanced search facilities and comprehensive global coverage of business projects and profiles.

The intuitive search and other functionalities make the platform an appealing facility for our students and faculty

As a business school we need to be able to connect effectively to business opportunities and innovation collaborators. The expernova platform is a great addition to other existing platforms like Orbis,, Bloomberg and boardex. Our students and faculty have a complete set to become optimally informed for their venturing initiatives.

We are thinking of connecting the expernova platform to our Research information system to disclose our expertise in a systematic way to make connecting to partners even more effective.


Accessible with Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 3 years of experiences, the Executive MBA is dedicated for professionals wishing to acquire new techniques, develop their career opportunities and be prepared for superior functions.

In this process of developing their career, Expernova provides them with a global vision and the necessary analysis to allow them to respond to the strategic challenges they face as senior managers.

It gives them access to a complete set of scientific & technical knowledge: this enables them to take more informed decisions and to be more confident in their choices.

Expernova helps them to reply to common challenges they face:

  • - Who are the people and the key players of our industry with whom we should collaborate?
  • - What are the other players in my industry working on? My competitors? What are they interested in?
  • - Which partners should we approach to work with on a breakthrough innovation?
  • - Who are the newcomers to the market? Which ones are developing products of interest?
  • - What are the key skills of my organization and how can we utilize them to generate outstanding added value?
  • - What are the important technological trends to be identified in my industry?


Expernova allows these future managers to gain a global vision on an ecosystem, to identify key players and their collaborative networks.


With this vision of the future, Expernova is positioning its solution as inescapable for innovation management and a vital tool in the development of its user community

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