Managing Access to Expertise in the Networked Age!

The 58th annual conference of the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS™) took place from 21st – 23rd February for professionals of information.

Held in Philadelphia US, this un-missable 3-day event brings together the giants of the DATA domain: Elsevier, IEEE, Proquest, Thomson Reuters…


Expernova participates:


Invited as a speaker by Elsevier, Expernova presented the topic of “Access to Expertise in the Networked Age”. The perfect opportunity for Pascal Magnier (CEO Expernova) , to introduce Expernova’s Version 4 to the key plays of the sector.

As everyone knows, “Knowledge is Power”.

Everybody know that Knowledge is Power.

And developing Powerful Knowledge Networks is the most efficient way to access a qualified knowledge, a targeted information, at the right moment.

All size organizations need new generation tools to access external expertise, to develop external networks, efficiently.

That’s exactly the positioning of Expernova…Capitalizing, visualizing and developing company’s networks (R&D partners, opinion leaders, competitors, startups,…) in one place gives the richest insight you’ll ever see.


Access to NFAIS program here

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