Stage-Gate® Innovation Summit 2016: « The Journey to Innovation Excellence »

“The Stage-Gate® Innovation Summit 2016”, which took place between 29th February and 3rd March this year in Florida (USA), is an event that aims to provide participants with the key elements required to develop their ability to innovate.


Event Program:

  • 32 hours of workshops, networking sessions, conferences on the management of innovation projects and using the Stage-Gate® method in specific example cases, presentation from leaders of innovation… all centered on the key theme of Excellence in Innovation.


Reasons to participate:

  • – Stay up to date with the latest information and get new ideas
  • – Learn from the “champions” of Innovation (IDEXX Laboratories, Applied Materials, Inc, Nestlé S.A, Swarovski Professional, ITT Corporation, among others), discover new tools, explorer methods for modernizing and improving your innovation processes (Stage-Gate method)
  • – The event’s human-scale (70 participants) offers the opportunity to develop one’s network with companies from different industries and exchange ideas with professionals confronting the same types of challenges.


Expernova made an impression as a Stage-Gate®’s partner for their Innovation Summit 2016!


 « I was struck by Expernova’s unique value proposition in being able to address external intelligence issues for a firm’s innovation ecosystem needs ».

Michael Phillips – Managing Director of Global Professional Development


Expernova was invited to participate in the event as Stage-Gate®’s partner, giving an interactive presentation on the subject of “Extended Ecosystem Management: Best Practices and Big Data for leading an Open Organization”.

With the aim of providing a clear overview of the Expernova solution’s features and the potential use they offer, Pascal Manier (CEO) and Arnaud Chnopp (Channel Manager) lead a workshop on the “solution” giving a personal access to more than 20 participants.

A unique opportunity for the participants of the event to test the Expernova solution in relation to their specific use cases, understand their innovation ecosystem and discover how to develop their networks more efficiently in order to:

  • – Access rare competencies and the best experts worldwide
  • – Share and capitalize of the knowledge available through their ecosystem
  • – Structure their partnerships and Open Innovation processes

The Expernova Solution was also available on free access for the duration of the event.


Encouraging comments and positive feedback!


« Given the number who requested your follow up and additional information and those who came to me and said it was both interesting and valuable, I would say it was a home run!”

Michael Phillips – Managing Director of Global Professional Development


This event has been a fantastic opportunity for Expernova to benefit from Stage-Gate®’s 30 years of experience in the American market, to present their solution and develop their network.

A complementary partnership

« Much of the work undertaken in the front end stages of a Stage-Gate® idea-to-launch evaluation involves out-to-in work. Expernova provides a platform to quickly  search out other players who might be innovating in the same space, or who can provide expertise or even provide insight on the feasibility of the technologies that might be involved. So much innovation is taking place as co-development and so locating suitable partners, etc…, appears to be a functionality Expernova’s solution could provide ! »

Michael Phillips – Managing Director of Global Professional Development

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