Test our brand new recommendation engine!

Welcome to the era of hyper personalization of the customer experience!


Customer expectations in terms of experience personalization are higher and higher.

Now, companies have to be able to anticipate their customers’ needs by adapting features, content and interactions to faster help them achieve their goals; individually and in real time. The objective: providing a clearer offer and a direct access to relevant information.


Expernova adapts to your reality and evolves to better meet your needs


Whether it is through the search modes or customization of the results interface, the integration of specific data or customized references, contextual analytics and automatic actors’ suggestions, at Expernova, we have always paid particular attention so as to support our users in the realization of their specific projects.

Today we want to go even further in this personalization, offering them a unique experience to quickly respond to each of their individual challenges.


Because every project is unique, every innovator must have a personalized environment to work and be inspired!


How to monitor your innovation ecosystem: competitive intelligence, technology scouting, business partner search, identification of experts and main collaborative networks?


    • Use our recommendation engine to be guided in your research!


Starting this month, every Expernova user can activate the Recommendation Engine feature allowing them to be more guided in their searches and better target information to fit to their specific needs.

Details on how to activate below.


  • - How does it work?


On the home page of the Expernova platform (search interface) you can now access a Trending panel (beta) containing searches suggestions based on your last queries and navigation (expert and organization profiles or works consulted).



  • What types of information does the recommendation engine suggest?


Increase your relevance and save time in your searches with your custom Trending (Beta) panel!


No need to search for information, it comes to you according to your needs!

Gradually and according to your navigation in the Expernova platform the information offered by your Trending panel (Beta) is refined and prioritized to suggest content matching to your use cases and anticipating your needs.

In the coming months, new and ever smarter suggestions will enrich your Trending panel (Beta)!


Retrouvez ainsi plus facilement dès votre interface d’accueil (interface de recherche) :


  • Actor suggestions: suggestion of expert, company, university and laboratory profiles.

Easy access to recently viewed profiles or discover new profiles that may interest you. Accelerate your research partnerships and expert identifications.

   profil 1 profil 2 profil 3
  • Competitor suggestions:

Monitor your competitors’ expertise by accessing – in real time – their profiles detailing their works, collaborations and their experience on your research topics.


   competition 1


  • Scientific and technological work suggestions : publications, patents, clinical trials and projects


What are the latest works on your topic? Are there any comparable documents to the one I have consulted? Access new opportunities by identifying and detecting new works.


   document 1 document 2


  • - Research suggestions:

In only one click, relaunch your latest queries! Check if the results of your queries last month have changed and discover new concepts to refine them.


   recherche 3 recherche 4 recherche 2


You are users of Expernova, this new feature is available for free, so try it right now!


To become a beta tester it’s really simple and registrations are open to all our users. Just send us by email : « I want to become a Beta Tester » on

One of our experts will contact you to activate your new features.