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To be in sync with digital economy and face the explosion of the data, companies adopt new data strategies. Being able to extract significant information from big quantities of data is becoming one of their major stakes.

Whether it is to help better interact and understand their customers, to decrease the risks (fraud detection, internet safety …) or to detect new trends on a market …, data analysis offers the necessary keys for effective decision-making. Every sector will have to adopt adapted digital services and the companies which will do it the best will benefit from it the most.

An increase in importance of Big Data capacity in a company

To accompany companies through this transition in the best way possible, Capgemini Consulting, benefiting from a strike force of “Insighters” dedicated to data subjects, has invited Expernova to discuss the subject of best practices and technologies, in particular the emergent approaches of graph mining, collection and data analysis.

« We were able to exchange with the team of Capgemini on our know-how specificities regarding scientific Big Data, both on the abstract aspects (models, methods, analysis, …) and on the technical aspects (architecture, technology, ergonomics, …). Indexation technologies, graph mining, and display were, in particular, the items of very valuable exchange. »

Olivier Gout, Ph. D in Computer Science & R&D Manager at Expernova


These exchanges allowed Expernova to share its experience and to detail its innovative approach to Capgemini Consulting Insighters.


« A new and external perspective from Big Data experts on our work is always the opportunity to make our technology and process progress »

Olivier Gout, Ph. D in Computer Science & R&D Manager at Expernova


The data exploitation offers the possibility to improve company performance and the Insighters team of Capgemini Consulting, which are composed of a mix of scientific, technological & digital transformation experts and hybrid consultants, use technological experts in Big data as well as Expernova and their own business expertise to help companies to pull the biggest value.

Familiar with different environments, from start-up’s to big CAC40 companies; Insighters conceptualize, build, and deliver products extracted from data. These products are ready to use, in the customer production systems, and have vocation to accelerate a company’s digital transformation. The company transformation acceleration is also made by supporting the data strategy and increasing importance of big data capacities in companies.


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